Necklace Gallery

Welcome to my necklace gallery, please click on images to enlarge photos. All designs can be adapted to include your own bits and objects and adjusted to any length and color scheme. For more information or to purchase, please contact me.

Give Peace a Chance IMG_0294 IMG_0300 IMG_0301
Give Peace a Chance Found Object Medley #3 Found Object Medley #4 Found Object Medley #5
IMG_0318 IMG_0322 IMG_0577 IMG_0605
Mona Lisa Locket Enigma Compass Hymnal
IMG_0647 IMG_0677 IMG_0647 IMG_0647
Life of the Party Party Time Party Favor Please Recycle
IMG_0647 IMG_0210 Special Necklace  
2 Love a Mystery Tuesday's Walk Custom Piece: A special
necklace for a friend
Pathways Series ... Based on a series of miniature, handmade paintings, these pieces ask us to explore our life choices, our freedom to make those choices and the challenges those choices sometimes present. Are we moving on our authentic path? Do we stay or do we go? Do we follow the sun, our dreams or for now, are we happy to stay rooted where we are? I believe there are no right or wrong choices ... only opportunities. Don't forget to enjoy the ride!
IMG_0202 Around the Bend IMG_0151 Enigma
Pathway Series:
Right Left One Step Begin
Pathway Series:
Around the Bend
Pathway Series:
Choices 1-2
Pathway Series:
Life Takes Courage
(just ask Sarah)
IMG_0181 2 Love a Mystery    
Pathway Series:
Wherever I Roam
Pathway Series:
Look Thru Any Window